Here is a little information about the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I always suggest a potential new owner do your research on the breed of dog you THINK you want to make sure that breed is a fit for you. Well here we go! Pembroke Welsh Corgis are very active and do certainly have a tendency to be smarter than their owner at times. I have seen Corgis train their owners very well, Including ME!  "The origin of the Corgi, like many other breeds, has never been officially recorded. A short-legged, long-backed dog from Wales has been known to exist since at least the late 1800"s. The Corgis are of the Herding Group. I do have livestock and several of my Corgis really enjoy working. They love to "Have a Job"! The Pembroke is an all-around dog, a jack of all trades. He wants to please those he loves and be in their company as much as possible, thriving on being with his special people. While he loves to lie about with his feet up, the Pembroke enjoys a challenge and is interested in all aspects of life.Pembrokes are amenable to training and can become precision workers as long as the trainer is clever enough to make each exercise new and continually interesting. The Pembroke comes in a handy size. Stands 10-12 inches at the shoulder and can weigh up to 30 pounds. He is an easy keeper, requiring,an occasional bath, regular brushing to keep loose hair under control and nail trimming as needed.The alert nature of the Pembroke makes him a reliable guardian of his home and family. He can be quite vocal at times and will let you know when someone is about to ring the doorbell. He can also engage in "sport" barking but, because of his intelligence and willingness to please, he quickly responds to your command to stop unnecessary barking. They make great companions for young and old. They come in a variety of colors including red/white,fawn,tricolor, sable, and an occasional blue tricolor.