First, I would like to thank everyone who has contacted me about adding a new Corgi baby to their Family!  I am a one person business and the care of my animals comes first. I take care of all the Corgis, the babies,the livestock and 40 acre farm.  I have lyme disease, which has went to my heart. So  if you wish to purchase a Corgi baby from me I would like to ask you to have a little patience, as I am only one person and trying to please  all. I need to rest sometimes also.  I hope everyone can understand my situation and have a little patience. I truly Love to see the joy my Corgi babies bring to everyone!! **** there is no shipping but you can try to get my puppy nanny if you are interested in that. I can put you in contact with her .  If you wish to purchase one of the babies I have listed, I will be meeting you here at the farm.  Thank you for understanding. No Scamming here!! I have raised beautiful corgi babies for many years.No one to take care of these animals but me.They depend on my choices for their well being.**** I request you thoughly read the top of the "Puppies for Sale" page before purchasing a baby from me.
Thank you to all for taking the time to read this!